SUNY Orange

Instructions for Health Professions Applicants

Health Profession Application Process:

  • All students must submit an online Health Profession application for their program of choice. If the student is a New, Transfer or Re-admit to the college, this application will also be treated as the general application for admission.

  • To be considered in the review process, all students must complete the pre-admission seminar and submit observation forms and essay (when applicable) prior to the program deadline.

  • Health Profession documentation, including the Nursing Pre-Admission Seminar Certificate and PTA Questionnaire, MUST be submitted to Student Services Central at the Newburgh or Middletown Campus.

  • Applicants can ONLY submit an online application for one Health Profession program. Nursing students who apply for the Fall Nursing Program MUST select either Day or Evening Nursing.
  • Students who apply for one of our fall Health Profession Programs will be sent a decision by no later than April 15.

  • Students who apply for the Spring Nursing Program will be sent a decision by no later than November 15.

    *Please note: All clinical and professional courses in the Health Profession Program meet during the day with the exception of Evening Nursing (4-10pm)*

Health Profession Application Deadlines:

Middletown Fall Programs: February 1st

Newburgh Spring Nursing: October 1st

Middletown Spring LPN to RN Program: October 1st

Newburgh Fall LPN to RN Program: May 1st

*Online Applications for Spring Nursing will open on August 1st

*Online Applications for all of our Fall Health Professions open on October 1st

Health Profession Review Process:

The Office of Admissions, in conjunction with the Health Profession Departments, review each applicant fairly and equally in the process. Please see the application evaluation process for more information:

Program GPA: Admission Counselors will evaluate each applicant's academic course work from all colleges attended including SUNY Orange. The courses that will be applicable in the review process will be ones that are listed on the resource page. Please see the link below for a list of our program resource pages:

SUNY Orange Health Profession Application and Information

Transfer students will have their letter grade(s) from the appropriate courses and attended colleges considered when evaluating the program GPA. For example, if a student received a "C" in English 101 from another school, this would be calculated in the program GPA. Once the counselor has calculated the program GPA, we will then calculate the below items into a program point total:

Program GPA multiplied by 3

Program GPA Points (Additional points will be awarded based on overall program GPA):

0-1.9 Program GPA: Students would not qualify for the review process
2.0-2.39 Program GPA: 30 points
2.4-2.79: 60 points
2.8-3.39: 90 points
3.4-3.79: 120 points
3.8-4.0: 150 points

Program Credit Points (Additional points will be awarded based on the number of program credits completed):

0-.99 credits: 0 points
1-5.9 credits: 20 points
6-10.9 credits: 30 points
11-15.9 credits: 40 points
16-20.9 credits: 50 points
21-25.9 credits: 60 points
26-28.9 credits: 70 points
29 or more credits: 80 points

Program Science Credit Points (Additional points will be awarded based on the number of program science credits completed):

0-2.99 credits: 0 points
3-5.0 credits: 30 Points
6-10.9 credits: 60 points
11-15.9 credits: 90 points
16-20.9 credits: 120 points

Student Example for RAD Tech - Completed Program Science credits:

  • Anatomy & Physiology I
  • Anatomy & Phyisology II
  • Intro to Biology

Student would be awarded 90 points

*Only the science courses required in the students health profession program will be counted in this process*

Student Example:

Program GPA of 2.75 multiply by 3 = 8.25 points
25 credits complete = 60 additional points
Program GPA of 2.75 = 60 additional Points
7 science credits = 60 additional points

Total Points: 188.25 points

**Nursing students MUST take the TEAS exam and will get additional points based on their overall score**

Basic: 0 additional points
Proficient: 60 additional points
Advanced: 120 additional points
Exemplary: 180 additional points

Students will be ranked based on total points and forwarded to the appropriate department chairs for final review and final decisions.