Photo: Man with a notebookPre-Semester Acceleration


(Non-Credit Offering)

A two-week immersion experience. Students spend three hours a day with an instructor and/or in-class tutor to reinforce writing or algebraic skills. Successful students will be able to move onto college-level coursework in the Fall semester.

(Grades in courses: “S” = satisfactory; “US” = unsatisfactory)

This is for you if...

You are a new student & you have placed into:

WRT 040 - Basic Writing Skills 2 (WRT 040) and Reading and Study Skills 2 (RDG 080) or Basic Writing Skills 2 (WRT 040) only


MAT 020
- Developmental Algebra


You feel you are ready for a two-week immersion experience during which you will refresh or brush up on skills in a supportive atmosphere.