Photo: Man with a notebookSummer Institute


(Non-Credit Offering)

A four-week immersion experience. Students spend several hours each day working closely with instructors and /or in-class tutors to learn and reinforce writing and reading or arithmetic skills. Successful writing and reading students have the potential to complete their developmental writing and reading requirements by the end of the four weeks of instruction. Successful math students will be prepared to take MAT 020 in the Fall semester.

(Grades in courses: “S” = satisfactory; “US” = unsatisfactory)

This is for you if...

You are a new student & you have placed into:

WRT 040 - Basic Writing Skills 2 and Reading and Study Skills RDG 070 or RDG 080


MAT 010
Developmental Arithmetic


You feel you are ready to succeed in a four-week immersion experience during which you will refresh or brush up on skills in a supportive atmosphere.