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"College Move In Day" Is Latest Blog Post by Dr. Kristine Young

Below is an excerpt from Dr. Kristine Young's recent blog post (dated Friday, Aug. 26)

Last Thursday (Aug. 25), my Twitter account blew up with stories about and references to SUNY New Paltz's new student move-in day. About 1,100 freshmen and about 800 more transfer students descended upon New Paltz.   Our local newspaper, the Times Herald-Record, even did a story on excited students and their tearful families joining the Hawk family.

"But hey," I thought, "Little ol' SUNY Orange will be starting about that many new studentson Monday too." I wondered if my Twitter account or local media would be nearly as active.

Now let me 100% clear: I love our SUNY sister college and neighbor to the north. SUNY New Paltz is SUNY Orange's most popular transfer destination. President Don Christian reached out to me soon after my arrival last year and he and his senior team have been welcoming and collaborative.  Our faculty and staff collaborate often. This post is not a knock on SUNY New Paltz.

This post is, however, a shout out to SUNY Orange's first-time college student class, over 1300 strong, as well as to our incoming transfer students, another 400 or so coming to our college for the fist timeon Monday. Final figures will be available in early September (unlike 4-year colleges, we don't know who is coming in April...we find out in late August!), but when all is said and done, we'll have more first time freshman students than New Paltz and probably be only modestly shy of their overall new student mark of 1,900.

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Mike Albright