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Paint birds? Paint gesture. ~ a master class on painting birds in oil

Upon entering Orange Hall Gallery and looking straight forward to the Fringe wall, viewers are treated to the magnificent artworks of the exhibit “Friends of a Feather” ~ Bird Paintings by Joseph Sundwall. Small backyard birds and large water birds are among the many types depicted in this solo show. The paintings are pauses in time: a great blue heron about to take flight, a couple of cardinals on a branch, muscovy ducks in a mating dance. The naturalness of surroundings and replicating of feathers through brushstroke, plus lighting and use of color display the depth of Sundwall’s experience and talent.

On Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 6:30 p.m. in Orange Hall Gallery Fringe, Sundwall will demonstrate his technique ‘alla prima,’ meaning ‘direct painting’ and explain why he believes the technique is suitable to the subject of birds. During this session, “Paint birds? Paint gesture. ~ a master class on painting birds in oil,” Sundwall will share what he considers the most important lessons he has learned in a lifetime of making art: --How seeking the ‘gesture’ of a thing helps the artist to ‘see’ the subject;

--On being scrupulously honest with oneself while making art;

--Why self-criticism is antithetical to the creative act;

--When to stop thinking and start working, and how to know when to say ‘it’s finished’

--What the artist has learned from watching and painting birds.

He adds, “I’ve tried to include ‘something for everyone’: the curious, the artist, even the bird-watcher.”

A lifelong artist, Sundwall studied art and design at the Kansas City Art Institute, oil painting in New York City at the Art Students League and the National Academy, and in London at St. Oswald's Studios.

Come and learn and enjoy this class with a master painter. The event is free and open to the public.

Questions may be directed to and (845) 341-4891. You may also check out the Cultural Affairs website at

Event date, time and location.

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Dorothy Szefc
Cultural Affairs