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Thank You for Your Participation in Last Week's Emergency Drill

College community,

To those of you who participated in the last week’s emergency “shelter in place” drill, we’d like to thank you for your cooperation. We hope that it helped you feel more comfortable and safer in your surroundings here at the College, and that you are now more familiar with how the College will respond should we be faced with a real emergency in the future.

The feedback we have received from staff and faculty has been extremely helpful. Students who would like to offer feedback from their own perspective are encouraged to email me at

By and large, the drill went well. There were a few issues with our Middletown campus speaker system that led to some confusion early in the drill, but those items have since been resolved. The speaker issue reinforces that we cannot rely upon one communication system in an emergency. That’s why, in an emergency, you can expect to receive notifications from the College via New York Alert (text, email, phone calls to cell and land lines, and FAX), as well as direct emails from the College. Messages will also be posted to MySUNYOrange and shared on various social media outlets.

If you did not receive any alerts from New York Alert during last week’s drill, please sign up by completing the following steps:

  • Log into MySUNYOrange and access Banner.

  • On your “Personal Information” tab in Banner, you will see an “Emergency Alert Contact Information (NY Alert)” link.

  • Click that link to view your information or to enter new info.

Thanks again for your cooperation.


Ed Kiely

Ed Kiely
Safety and Security