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TerraCycle - Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever wondered about our College wide TerraCycle program? If so, here are answers to many of the questions I am asked on a regular basis. Please let me know if you have any other questions by e-mailing me at

What is TerraCycle?       

TerraCycle is an innovative Trenton NJ based recycling company that has become a global leader in recycling hard-to-recycle waste. In other words, TerraCycle is Eliminating the Idea of Waste® by recycling the "non-recyclable."

What does TerraCycle offer us here at SUNY Orange?

TerraCycle offers free recycling programs funded by conscientious companies, brands, manufacturers, and retailers around the world to help us collect and recycle our hard-to-recycle waste.

What do we collect here at SUNY Orange?

Here’s a listing of what we currently collect through the TerraCycle program: chip bags, granola bar wrappers, Little Bites packaging, personal care and beauty packaging (any brand), oral care products & packaging (any brand), empty writing utensils, PUR® & BRITA® (any items). Feel free to print out and post the attached “TerraCycle-what we collect” flyer.

Why does what we collect sometimes change?

Sometimes companies (brand partners) pull out and no longer will sponsor a certain waste stream. This is the reason we unfortunately no longer collect E-Waste, ink cartridges, and tape cores.

Where can I deposit my TerraCycle “waste”?

Boxes and jars of various shapes and sizes are set up throughout both campuses. They are clearly labeled and include information on what can be deposited.

Who is in charge of the collection boxes?

The boxes are installed, managed, and emptied by Kirsten Gabrielsen, Sustainability Coordinator.

Are there special incentives to participate?

YES indeed! Not only do we help reduce large amounts of trash going to the landfill but we actually make money too.

What happens to the money we earn?

The proceeds from our TerraCycle program are used to purchase native plants for our Educational Gardens at both campuses.

How much hard-to-recycle waste have we collected so far?

Over the past 3 ½ years we have collected approximately 385 pounds (approx. 44,000 pieces) of hard-to-recycle waste (90 lbs in AY 13/14, 81 lbs in AY14/15, 145 lbs in AY 15/16, and 65 lbs so far in AY 16/17).

How much money have we made?

Approximately $ 425 over the past 3 ½ years.

Can I help?

Definitely! Anyone interested in helping out with this program is more than welcome to contact me at





Kirsten Gabrielsen