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Proxy Authorization Now Available for Students

We are excited to introduce Proxy Authorization Access. It's focused on you, the student, listening to the issues and challenges, and meeting those challenges with improved products and services. Students can grant others (referred to as a proxy) access to authorized account information. Access will be available via web, phone and in person. 

Proxy access will be available on-line by using this link:  or by using a quick link on our web page located under Proxy in the A to Z tab in the upper right hand corner.

When the proxy first logs in to the web site, they will need to complete their profile information and confirm its accuracy.  When creating a new password, they will be asked for the “old pin” - they will enter the action password that was sent in an e-mail.

The proxy will be required to provide a passphrase, along with the student’s ID#, when requesting information in person or over the phone.  The student created a passphrase during their proxy setup that he/she must share with the proxy.  Please note that the PASSWORD/PIN is not the same as the PASSPHRASE.

Please note: Proxy access is only for Student Invoices and Financial Aid information. 

For additional information about FREPA and Student Academic Records, please go to:

We hope you find this service useful as we continue to find innovative ways to better serve our students and their families.


Susan Mansueto
Bursar/Student Accounts