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An Unheard Voice: High-Risk Drinking and Sexual Assault

Title IX and the Campus SaVE Act guarantees students the right to an education free from sexual violence and harassment.

Elaine Pasqua, Certified Speaking Professional, addresses this critical issue with passion and sensitivity. She is one of the most dynamic and popular speakers addressing high-risk drinking, sexual health, and sexual assault today. She will appear in the Gilman Center at SUNY Orange at 11 a.m. on Nov. 15.

In this program, Elaine effectively connects high-risk drinking to sexual assault and highlights the effects of alcohol on diminishing intuition and communication skills.

Students learn practical strategies for low-risk drinking, participate in captivating interactive exercises which dramatically demonstrate common assumptions about consent and the implications of sexual violence on one's health.

Topics Include:

Title IX and latest trends on campuses, legal definition of sexual assault and rape, stalking, domestic violence, dating violence, emotional and physical effects, consent vs coerscion: yes means yes, connection of alcohol to sexual violence

Personality traits of perpetrators and modes of operation, bystander intervention techniques, date rape drugs, common assumptions, risk reduction, healthy relationships and communication, how and where to seek help.

Presented by the Wellness Center and the Mental Health Association of Orange County, Inc.

To reserve a seat please visit our online scheduler.

For more information visit Elaine Pasqua's website.

Event date, time and location.

Marianne Sciucco
Wellness Center