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SUNY Orange has Submitted its Latest Middle States Monitoring Report

College community,

I am happy to report that yesterday afternoon, the College submitted its 2016 Middle States monitoring report, addressing SUNY Orange’s continued commitment to a comprehensive and meaningful system of academic assessment. You will recall that in June 2015, when Middle States acknowledged that we had come into compliance related to “Standard 14: Student Learning Assessment”, the accrediting body requested an updated monitoring report be submitted by today.

Many hands contributed to the College’s work in improving and documenting our assessment practices over the past 17 months or so, but a special thanks goes to VPAA Erika Hackman, AVP Stacey Moegenburg, AVP Anne Prial and IPAR Director Christine Work for their efforts in drafting and revising the latest monitoring report.

This report demonstrates our continued commitment to, and implementation of, assessment processes for all programs.

I share with you two takeaways from the report …

“The most important progress we are pleased to report is the significant advancement toward building a culture of assessment.  We have successfully sustained our focus on a more organized and systematic process, continued providing high levels of faculty support to sustain engagement, and celebrated best practices across the College.  We have been intentional in our documentation, ensured that assessment is part of our regular conversations, inculcated the value of assessment in new faculty throughout the hiring, orientation and tenure process, and worked collaboratively among administration and faculty to ensure that we value what is happening in our classrooms and curriculum as we study and improve student learning.  These accomplishments are no small feat; they require perseverance, leadership, and collaboration, all of which we are very proud to have sustained.”

and …  

“With the 2016-2017 academic year well under way, the College is building on its work in institutional and program level assessment, and focusing on course-level assessment.  This focus encompasses course-level SLOs for every credit course offered, regardless of content level or delivery mode (including developmental, online, and consortium courses).  This work demonstrates SUNY Orange’s continued commitment to assessment as an organized, manageable, and systematic process designed to improve teaching and learning.”


Once again, thank you to everyone who has contributed in some large or small way to helping us establish, embrace and internalize academic assessment at SUNY Orange. I remain proud to work with so many caring, responsible and responsive professionals who, in service to our students, remain committed to improving the teaching and learning environment. This report details the remarkable work that is ongoing at the College.

The “2016 Monitoring Report OCCC.pdf” report can be found on the P drive under the following folder: From_VP_of_Academic_Affairs/Assessment/Middle States Standard 14 - 2013-16

I will share feedback from Middle States as I receive it.



Dr. Kristine Young
Office of the President