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Alertus Software Installation Instructions Attached

College community

As Dr. Young mentioned in her email on Friday, the College is in the process of deploying Alertus, an emergency communications software program, on all computers on both campuses. This new software will allow the College to post emergency messages directly to computer screens and monitors in offices, computer labs and classrooms.

In the event of an emergency, Alertus will be layered into the College’s communications process as yet another way to quickly and simultaneously alert the College community to an unfolding crisis.

At this point, the ITS staff has loaded Alertus onto classroom and computer laboratory computers. Attached to this message are step-by-step instructions to install Alertus onto your office computer or device. Employees are urged to install Alertus as soon as possible. If you install Alertus onto a tablet or other device, keep in mind that your device will need to be connected to the College network, either via Ethernet cable or WiFi, to receive the notices.

With the start of the new semester, now would be an ideal time to review your emergency contact information in our NY-Alert database as well. You can access your information in Banner by clicking the “Emergency Alert Contact Information” link on your “Personal Information Tab.” Once you’ve reviewed the material, or made changes, be sure to hit the “Continue” button to exit the screen.

If you have any questions or issues regarding your Alertus installation, you can contact Ken Kempsey at 341-4288.



Ed Kiely
Safety and Security