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Stock Images, Social Media and Copyright

Due to the increased interest in creating social media accounts for College departments, and the increasing need for stock images, we wanted to send a friendly reminder and "how-to" for printed materials and online posts created on behalf of the College.

This post applies to any content created (either inside or outside of the classroom) for use OUTSIDE of the classroom environment, (either in-person or DL) - e.g. flyers for an event, a printed publication, a social media post, an online showcase, a web page, or any other kind of public communication.

When selecting images for these purposes, please remember NOT to pull images from Google Images, or similar sources, as it is often difficult to determine whether these images are protect by copyright. In fact, most images found in these locations are protected by copyright.

Being a non-profit, educational institution does NOT allow us to ignore copyright restrictions, especially outside of the classroom environment.

If you need help finding an image, Chris Thurtle (x4402) or Steve Hedderton (x4727) in the Communications Office have access to stock image directories and can help you identify and download images for your needs.

Additionally, although the College purchases yearly licenses for using copyrighted music at the College, these licenses do NOT cover or include using copyrighted music in videos.

For any public video created by the College, any included music track should be royalty free, free for commercial use, or the music publisher should have been contacted directly to obtain a master and sync license for use with the video.

Again, the Communications Office can help provide a music track that meets these specifications if necessary.

If you have any questions about any of these guidelines above, please contact Chris Thurtle in the Communications Office at (845) 341-4402, or get a more detailed explanation in our Copyright Guidelines, found on the P: drive under the SocialMedia directory.

Chris Thurtle
Institutional Advancement