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Student Open Forum on Feb. 9

Calling all students!!!

The College will be holding a Student Open Forum (11 a.m., Thursday, Feb. 9, Rowley Center for Science and Engineering Room 010 on the Middletown campus) where we will discuss the social issues that may be affecting students and their college experience.

Students are invited to attend and faculty are asked to encourage students to attend. This will be an opportunity to share thoughts and experiences, and to be part of the discussion that may generate in each of us a greater awareness, tolerance, understanding, acceptance and respect.

We want to know if they may be a new student at SUNY Orange, or a first generation college student, or a non-traditional student in college for the first time? What concerns do they have about current societal events? What can we do to help foster a more inclusive community in general, as well as a more compassionate and empathetic College community at SUNY Orange? What other issues do students see troubling college campuses? 

Please contact professors Janine Sarbak or Vincent Marasco for more information.

Janine Sarbak
Coordinator for Institutional Diversity and Equity

Event date, time and location.

Janine Sarbak