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#beSOkind Kindness Challenges - Week 4!

HERE ARE THE #beSOkind Kindness Challenges for WEEK 4: (Feb. 5 to Feb. 11)

  • Feb 5 - Write and leave a kind message for a loved one to find.
  • Feb 6 - Call or visit a lonely neighbor or relative – just to say hi.
  • Feb 7 - Share a treat with a friend.
  • Feb 8 - Be kind to yourself – get some exercise today!
  • Feb 9 - Do something with a friend that they like to do – even if it is not your favorite activity.
  • Feb 10 - Pay it forward: Surprise a stranger by doing something nice – a compliment, a free cup of coffee, etc.
  • Feb 11 - Be kind to the Earth – make sure you recycle paper instead of throwing it in the trash.

What's this all about?

Every day from Tuesday, Jan. 17 through Friday, Feb. 17, we're giving you (and each other) a Kindness Challenge!

Snap a selfie, or a photo of others, performing a challenge, or a random act of kindness, or even just a photo of yourself with our Kindness Initiative flyer!

Tag your photo with our hashtag #beSOkind on Twitter or Instagram and you'll be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift certificate drawn randomly on Feburary 17!

They'll be other little gifts and candy you might get throughout the week!

For the latest daily #beSOkind challenge, check us out on Twitter, Facebook, here on the Student Grapevine, or on our campus TV monitors!

Chris Thurtle
Institutional Advancement