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Recordings from Mark Taylor Presentations on Feb. 6 Available for Just 2 More Weeks

There are only two weeks left to access the recordings from Dr. Mark Taylor's presentations. These recordings will only be available until March 22.

To access these recordings please click on the following link to the video archive: 

Generation NeXt Comes to College-Understanding Today's Learners:

Teaching Today’s Learners:

Session Descriptions:

Generation NeXt Comes to College-Understanding Today's Learners

Today’s learners are different. Our traditionally aged students have characteristics and expectations that present unique challenges to those of us charged with teaching, serving and supervising them through their college/university experience. Their issues with academic preparation, responsibility and self-esteem, consumer expectations, use of technology and styles of interacting can impact, and interfere with, their learning, persistence and academic success at school, and workplace readiness and success. There is fairly compelling evidence that they are not responding particularly well to traditional instruction in traditional academic settings in terms of learning outcomes and workplace readiness.

This program will help faculty and staff understand the social, personal and academic traits and preferences our students bring to college, how these characteristics impact learning, persistence and success, and how we can best help all of our students reach their educational and personal goals in the new educational landscape.

Teaching Today’s Learners

This session is a natural follow-up for faculty who attended the first session and is a workshop on practical skills for facilitating meaningful student learning in and out of the classroom. This active session describes, illustrates and allows participants to experience and make plans to apply concrete and immediately useful methods to increase student engagement, activity, responsibility for their own learning, and personal ownership of class goals and desired outcomes.

About Dr. Taylor

Dr. Mark Taylor is an award winning speaker recognized internationally as an educator, expert and consultant who is on the forefront of transformations in educational practice. Building on over 30 years of experience in higher education, health care and the helping professions, including as a psychotherapist, professor, and in medical, academic and student services administration, Dr. Taylor has worked with over 600 organizations, businesses and schools in 48 states, and made presentations at numerous state, regional, national, and international events. Publications include numerous book chapters, invited pieces, and articles in professional journals including his recent articles on "Teaching Generation NeXt" and chapter in the latest edition of New Directions for Teaching and Learning on Leveraging Social Media in instruction.

Dena Whipple
Center for Teaching and Learning