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Middle States Update

College community

Following up on my report from the March Assembly meeting, I am pleased to announce to the entire College community that the Middle States Commission on Higher Education has accepted our recent monitoring report related to Standard 14 (Assessment of Student Learning) and determined that a small team followup visit is not warranted.

MSCHE’s letter officially takes us “off warning” for Standard 14 and indicates that we will not be required to report back to Middle States on this matter until our upcoming accreditation evaluation in 2022-23.

This is indeed wonderful news, and a credit to the many, many dedicated faculty and staff who dedicated untold hours toward the goals of enhancing our culture of assessment and documenting the myriad ways we are assessing the impact of our programs on student learning.

Special kudos go to the Student Learning Assessment Team (SLAT), whose members should be credited with the lion's share of the work that led to our outstanding progress. SLAT membership includes Anne Prial (chair), Stacey Moegenburg, Michael Gawronski, Susan Parry, Christine Work, Sheila Stepp, Christine LeRoux, Alex Kay, and Dena Whipple. VPAA Erika Hackman also deserves special mention, as do these groups/committees that have been key to College-wide engagement and improvement: Assessment Advisory Committee, Academic Affairs Leadership Team, Institutional Planning, Assessment and Research, and the Center for Teaching and Learning. 

This outcome has been several years in the making, and we should all take pride in having pulled together to make it happen.



Dr. Kristine Young
Office of the President