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Women of Maidan ~ the 2013-2014 Ukrainian Revolution

Ukrainian filmmaker Ohla Onyshko is coming to SUNY Orange for the screening of her award-winning film “Women of Maidan,” “the story of the women’s life-supporting force, unity, courage, and sacrifice during the 2013-2014 Ukrainian Revolution.” Onyshko wrote, produced, directed, and edited the film. 

This talented and energetic woman will give an introduction at the screening which is scheduled for Friday, April 7 at 7 p.m. in Harriman Hall Room 111. A post-screening discussion, moderated by Global Studies professor Michael Strmiska will be a time when this audience can interact with Onyshko through Q & A. This event is free and open to the public.

“On the night of November 30, 2013, special police forces trained to go after terrorists, illegal arms dealers, and violent gangs, attacked a student rally. Many of those participating in the rally were young women. The students had assembled in the central square called ‘Maidan,’ in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv [Kiev] to support the signing of a trade agreement between Ukraine and the European Union, an agreement they hoped might push the country toward that of a civilized European nation,” explains Onyshko. 

It is significant also that they amassed in Maidan Square. In the Ukrainian language maidan [my-DAWN] means central square. “The word originated during ancient times when critical issues like going to war or holding peace negotiations as a group were settled on the central square, or Maidan. Maidan also indicates a state of mind — to make a decision as part of a large group for the benefit of the entire group,” states Onyshko. As the protests continued, women organized themselves into “companies” of one hundred to carry out more dangerous tasks. Women of all ages mobilized in support and many joined the armed forces to fight as soldiers.

Free parking is available in the lots at the corner of East Conkling and Wawayanda Avenues and Grandview and Wawayanda Avenues. The parking garage will be closed.  This event is made possible by the collaborative efforts of the Global Studies Department and Cultural Affairs to which questions may be directed at (845) 341-4891 and You may also visit the Cultural Affairs website at

Event date, time and location.

Dorothy Szefc
Cultural Affairs