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Historical American Newspapers from the Library of Congress

"Chronicling America" is a free search engine and digital collection of American newspapers from 1789-1924. Researchers can browse or search specific topics in hundreds of local and national newspapers. This is a valuable tool for researchers who want to read about local and international events in history.

April 6, 1896 was the revival of the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. Using Chronicling America you can read the events as they were reported in the Essex County Herald from Island Pond Vermont.

You can also find out about the new law in Cincinnati that makes it illegal to block the view in a theater with one's hat (see the lower right corner).

The search engine is easy to use and has advanced features for specific searches. Each page can be downloaded and the text can be retrieved with some accuracy. If you need help using this tool ask one of the librarians to show you around.

Andrew Heiz