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SUNY Orange Migrating Network Logons from Novell to Microsoft Active Directory

The ITS department has been working for the past six months on the project to migrate from Novell to Microsoft Active Directory as our College's workstation authentication mechanism.

This summer we are excited to complete of this project. We wanted to make you aware of the changes that are coming during the summer months.

There are three main stages to this project.

Stage 1: Migrate all of the user profiles into Active Directory. The preparation for this stage began last year and included the requirement of complex passwords. We were able to complete this phase in May.

Stage 2: Join all of the workstations on both campuses to the Active Directory domain and convert local profiles to Active Directory profiles. For the past few months, we have been working on the method that we will use for migrating the workstations to reduce the risk associated with this change and impact your work on campus as little as possible. We are in the process of doing final testing within the ITS department. Since our department works on and touches many of the processes/applications used across both campuses, it gives us the ability to test the impact the changes will have. Over the coming weeks, we will be coming to every office and lab across both campuses in order to convert your profile to an Active Directory profile and join your workstation to the domain. This will allow your logon to have all of your files, links and software just as you are using it now.  At this stage, the only difference you may notice is that when you logon to Novell, you will be using an Active Directory profile instead of the local machine profile that you have been using up to this point.

Stage 3: Remove the Novell Client from all of the workstations. After this stage, you will no longer have the Novell "N" at your logon screen and you will be logging on to the SUNYOCCC domain only. All of your shared drives will be available from newly provisioned hard drives on the new storage purchased last summer. Your shared drives will also be synced on both campuses allowing you to work with your files locally while on either campus. This will alleviate bandwidth usage between campuses and allow for a better experience while working on files stored in your shared drives. We will send out another communication when we start this phase.

This is a major change but will allow your experience on SUNY Orange's computers to be more convenient. You will no longer have to worry about syncing your password with Novell and your workstation. Active Directory benefits from better support by Microsoft and is used by most other colleges and universities as their main authentication mechanism.



Leland Hach, Jr.