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SUNY Orange Students Awarded Outstanding Papers and Presentations at Beacon Conference

** In last week’s Grapevine, a lack of clarity resulted from an effort to submit a joint article celebrating the Beacon Conference winners and participants from SUNY Orange.  We apologize for this. Please read the corrected article and celebrate with the student participants and mentors.


Several students mentored by Michele Iannuzzi Sucich and a number of students from the honors program participated in the 25th Annual Beacon Conference, which was hosted by Orange on the Middletown campus on June 2.

The following students were awarded the Outstanding Paper and Presentation Award in their respective disciplines at the conference:


Nicholas Belsito -  Allied Health and Nursing

Multiple Sclerosis and Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Treatment

Mentor:  Dr. Michele Iannuzzi Sucich


Wyatt Shakespeare – Business and Economics

The Lego Group’s Corporate Citizenship

 Mentors – Professor Elaine Torda and Dr. Russell Hammond


Ramsey Marte – Empirical Research/Natural Sciences

Testing Herbs for Antibacterial Properties

Mentors – Professor Elaine Torda and Dr. Michele Paradies


Nathanael Linton – History

The Hidden History of the Atlantic Slave Trade: Subjectivity and Slave Culture

Mentors – Professor Elaine Torda and Professor Michael McCoy


Carolyn Weller – Interdisciplinary Studies

Robinhoods in Pinstripes

Mentors – Professor Elaine Torda and Dr. Heidi Weber 

Sanjeev Reddy (mentor Dr. Iannuzzi Sucich) as well as SUNY Orange Honors program students Kaitlyn Geer, Amanda Biavati, Paul Maitner also presented papers at the Beacon conference.  Posters were presented by Honors Program students Christopher Vickery, Peyton Smith and Micaela Weinert.

Elaine Torda