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Intermittent Slowdowns in VoIP Phone System

College community,

As the Fall semester approaches and we see more activity on both campuses, the ITS staff would like to make employees aware that there may be intermittent slowdowns within the VoIP phone system on both campuses. We are seeing periodic issues where calls cannot be made from VoIP phones to outside numbers. Dialing to internal numbers is unaffected, and calls are still able to be received from external phones.

These outages are short, generally 5-10 minutes, and usually resolve themselves as activity dips. We are working with Frontier to implement a permanent fix as soon as possible, hopefully by the end of August. However, we can’t pinpoint a solid date at which a solution will be implemented as we are reliant upon Frontier.

We appreciate your patience and understanding, and please know ITS realizes how important reliable and consistent phone access is to everyone at the College. We have made great strides in strengthening the VoIP system, and will continue to do so.



Leland Hach, Jr.