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Accessing On-Campus Computers, Workstations and Classroom Equipment

College community,

Now that the Novell client has been removed from all College computers, the ITS staff wanted to make you aware of some changes to how you access on-campus equipment.

Below is an updated breakdown of how you can access on-campus computers, workstations and classroom equipment.

  1. If your computer asks you to press ctrl-alt-del to login, this is normal and is to be expected.  If you are not prompted to press ctrl-alt-del, you can get to the login prompt by pressing the space bar on the keyboard or clicking the mouse.

  2. In order to login, you will need to use your SUNY Orange single sign on username and password.  Please note that if you are prompted or find the need to change your SSO password, your computer credentials will automatically be changed too.

  3. When logging in to a new workstation, such as an instructor or adjunction station, it may take up to five minutes to complete the login process.  After the initial login, you will experience normal boot up time.

  4. After logging in for the first time you may be required to set you default printer.  This can be accomplished by selecting the start menu, then left click “devices and printers”. Finally, right click the printer you want and select “Set as default printer”.

  5. Please be aware that the security on your computer has been updated so that it will lock automatically if it is idle for 15 minutes.  This is a precaution to protect your information in the case that you forget to log off before leaving the computer.

  6. The login method for instructor stations across campus has changed.  There are no more generic accounts with no passwords.  You will need to login using your SUNY Orange single sign on username and password.  We are doing this as a preparation for future improvements that we have planned.  As described above, it may take as long as 5 minutes to login to an instructor station for the first time.  Please plan accordingly. 

  7. The login method for students in the labs has changed as well.  We are improving the students experience by no longer requiring them to logon to the computer.  Once the computer is powered on, it will automatically login to a student account.  From that point, the student can login to the portal with their A# and credentials.

Thank you. If you have any questions, please contact the HelpDesk.


Leland Hach, Jr.