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Update Your Emergency Contact Informtion This Week

SUNY Orange students,

The College is requesting that students update/enter your emergency contact information so that SUNY Orange can notify you in case of an emergency or other crisis.

When the need arises, the College communicates to students and employees in a variety of ways during an emergency. We use New York Alert to simultaneously send texts, emails, phone calls (land lines and mobile phones), and FAXes. In addition to New York Alert, the College posts information on the SUNY Orange web site ( and social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter).

We also display messages within the MyAlerts portlet on MySUNYOrange and distribute emails to your account, as well as utilizing the College switchboard during non-business hours.

Starting today, students who enter Banner (after logging into MySUNYOrange) will be prompted to update your emergency contact information for the New York Alert system, which is accessible on your Personal Information tab under the heading Emergency Alert Contact Information (NY-ALERT).

From that point, you will be guided through a series of windows with prompts on how to enter the information for the communication methods you'd like the College to use when contacting you.

Don't wait until you are required to enter Banner before you update your information, take care of it today. Thank you in advance.

Mike Albright