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Newburgh Involvement Fair Sept. 14, w/ Jace (Illusionist) & Airbrush Towels!

For Jace magic is an art form. He does not use wands or deal with rabbits though. He presents his magic effects elegantly and in the most powerful way. Even more impressive he performs it all right in front of your face!

He's been practicing and performing everyday for over 3 years. In that short amount of time he has performed at Corporate events, Restaurants, Festivals, Weddings, Birthdays, Sweet Sixteens, Bar/Bat Mitzvah's, themed events such as, but not limited to Halloween, Fourth of July and New Year's parties as well as getting booked at restaurants performing table magic. No venue is too big or small.

Most recently Jace has performed at Webster Hall in NYC. Jace fell in love with close up magic in particular due to the lack of a stage and the ability to perform seeming miracles in front of peoples faces.He got his start in restaurant magic; performing for people at tables while they waited for their food to arrive. 

Never lose your beach towel when it has your name on it. Using white terry cloth, these towels are airbrushed and personalized with name and color. Why not have the colors match your bathing suit! Let the towel be the canvas as we create your customized art. These are perfect for beach themed events, college spring break and corporate outings.

Event date, time and location.

Juan Carlos Pineiro
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