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Student Reps Needed for College Committees

Student representatives are needed to serve on College committees.

Are you interesting in getting more involved on either campus? Student representatives are needed to serve on governance standing committees. These committees meet regularly and serve the College is a wide variety of capacities.

Please volunteer to represent our student body by serving on one of these committees. A list of the committees follows. If you’d like to volunteer please email your name and A-number to Barbara Wortman at

If you are interested in a particular committee please indicate that as part of your response. Feel free to also email if you have any questions. Below is information about Shared Governance as well as a list of our standing committees.

What is “shared governance”?

At SUNY Orange, shared governance is the way in which faculty, staff, administration, the Board of Trustees, and students cooperatively participate in the development of College policies/procedures and in decision making that affects the institution.


Rationale Statement for Shared Governance (Governance Constitution and By-Laws):

The faculty, staff, administration, and Board of Trustees of Orange County Community College believe that the institution will best achieve its declared mission and goals when the college community draws upon its knowledge, collective experience, and creative powers in an on-going cooperative effort to develop college policies and programs.


Functions of the College Governance System (Governance Constitution and By-Laws):

1. provide a means by which the membership may participate in decision-making

    processes and in the formation of policies and procedures for the College;

2. provide a collegial environment through which institutional concerns can be raised,

    discussed, and resolved; and;

3. support the judicious operation of the decision-making process.

Objectives of the College Governance System (Governance Constitution and By-Laws):

1. recommend policies and procedures and offer advisory opinions to the President

    and administration of the College concerning teaching, learning, and the work

    environment; this includes, but is not limited to, academic policies and standards,

    curriculum, staff development, planning & resource allocation, institutional research

    & assessment, building and grounds, academic technology, sustainability, student

    affairs, and recruitment and retention in accordance with the regulations of the

    State University of New York and the Board of Trustees of the College;

2. initiate any action that would:  enhance the professional interests of its members

    and the general welfare of the College; and improve access to and quality of College

    services for its faculty, staff and students in accordance with the policies and

    regulations of the Board of Trustees of the college; and;

3. provide a forum to ensure the opportunity for the exchange of ideas among

    members of the organization.

Governance Standing Committees – 2016-17AY

Executive Committee (EC)

Academic Policy Committee

Academic Technology Committee

Assessment Advisory Committee

Athletic Advisory Committee

Campus Safety & Security Committee

Committee on Institutional Diversity & Equity

Curriculum Committee                                               

Developmental Education Committee

*Faculty & Staff Development Committee

Planning & Budgeting for Institutional Effectiveness

Professional Recognition and Awards Committee

Social Committee

Sustainability Committee

Scholarship Committee

*No student reps serve on these committees

Barbara Wortman