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Sharing the News of Aid and Relief Efforts at the College

College community,

In the wake of recent natural disasters and tragedies, I have been comforted in knowing that this College community has responded in many caring, compassionate and heartfelt ways. And I am confident your selfless sacrifices … including the donations of time, energy and resources as you have collaborated with local and national relief agencies … have supported so many in their most desperate times of need.

Over the past month, following the devastating impacts of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria; as well as the earthquake in Mexico, I have learned of several aid outreach efforts either initiated or supported by SUNY Orange students and employees.

During that same time, I’ve been asked by people, “What is the College doing to help?” Keep in mind that the people who ask me “What is the College doing to help?” will often follow that with “How can I help?”

If student clubs and organizations, departments or groups are conducting aid efforts, collecting donations or otherwise gathering supplies and support, please encourage them to promote their efforts in the Campus Grapevine and Student Grapevine so that people are aware of opportunities to assist. There are many people who want to help out, and are willing to step forward time and time again.

I would also ask that you inform Carol Murray ( and Mike Albright ( of such group efforts. Carol will be sure to bring these projects to my attention, and Mike can maintain a listing that, when appropriate, may provide the basis for internal and external communications.  In this manner, we create the opportunity to amplify department and club responses into College-level responses.

When larger natural disasters strike, there are likely tangible things we can do. But, when incidents such as those in Stockholm, Tennessee, Germany, London, New Orleans, and even Las Vegas, happen, as they have all too often recently, we may have fewer opportunities to directly help the victims involved. I know many will continue to offer your individual support in such situations, whether that assistance is as straightforward as a donation to a supporting charity, or the simple act of donating blood in remembrance of those who sadly lost their lives in Las Vegas.

Please know that I appreciate all that you do to embrace not only your colleagues and classmates, but those who are less fortunate, affected by natural occurrences beyond their control, or victimized in senseless acts of terror.



Dr. Kristine Young
Office of the President