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The Library is your Connection to the Science of the Nobel Prizes

The Nobel Prizes winners were announced this week in Oslo, Norway. The prizes and their winners are described at

The SUNY Orange library databases are full of articles about the science these Nobel winning discoveries have inspired. You can read them on or off campus. Ask the librarians if you have any questions about the research articles you can access. You may call the Newburgh library at x9049 or the Middletown library at x4260.

October 2: The prize for physiology or medicine was awarded to scientists who found the genetic underpinnings of circadian rhythms. This research has been used to learn more about the causes and cures of mental disorders and understanding sleep. Science Direct has articles that show how this discovery is being used.

October 3: The prize for physics for Physics was awarded to scientists who helped to detect gravitational waves and confirm another of Albert Einstein’s predictions. One of the winners has been working on implementing the LIGO experiment since the late 1960s. Read articles about this exciting discovery using the library.

October 4: The prize for chemistry was awarded to scientists who developed techniques for using electron microscopes to investigate biological structures. This pioneering work led to imaging these structures during the processes in motion. Read about some of the new medicines that are a direct result of the techniques developed.

Andrew Heiz