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Final Preparations for Emergency Drill on Thursday (Oct. 19)

This is the final reminder about Thursday’s “Shelter in Place” drill. By now, you should have acquainted yourself with the College’s emergency procedures, assessed your campus surroundings as you move throughout the day, updated your emergency contact information, and notified your family and friends that the College will be conducting a drill (so that they do not become alarmed should they see or hear one of our test messages).

Drill (test) notifications instructing folks to “shelter in place” will be distributed via New York Alert (text, phone, FAX and email), public address announcements, SUNY Orange email, MySUNYOrange, social media (Facebook and Twitter) and the College web site. These messages, which will allow us to gauge the effectiveness of our communications tools, will be labeled with “DRILL” and “TEST” so as not to create unnecessary alarm.

A “Shelter in Place” directive similar to the one we’ll practice Thursday does not necessarily mean that the ongoing event involves an active shooter. It is important to know the response similarities and differences. It is also helpful for you to recognize the various methods that the College will use to notify you of an emergency, and to follow the instructions as presented.

Keep in mind that during tbe drill, all interior and exterior doors that have automatic lock features will be activated from the Safety and Security Office, essentially initiating one large lockdown instantly. All other exterior doors should be locked by a Safety and Security officer. Interior doors should be locked manually from the inside. Those employees on campus who are working in offices at the time of the drill will be expected to participate by closing/locking their doors and following all necessary safety protocols.

Students in public spaces will be expected to seek shelter in an interior room or inside the nearest building. Students outside of buildings may also evacuate to their vehicles if they wish.

We ask that you remain calm and collected throughout the drill. We expect that it will take less than 30 minutes to complete. You should be prepared to receive messages via New York Alert. You will hear announcements on the loudspeaker systems on both campuses, and you may receive instructions from Safety and Security personnel stationed in each building.

Any students, staff or visitors who may find this emergency drill to be emotionally distressing are encouraged to avoid the campus or remain in their cars from 10 until the drill is concluded. The entire College community is welcome to access the support services of the Wellness Center if they need to for any reason. Once the drill concludes, “all clear” messages will be broadcast and sent via New York Alert.

If you haven't already entered emergency contact information into the New York Alert system (through Banner in MySUNYOrange), you should do so using this link:

You may also send feedback regarding the drill to my email at


Ed Kiely
Safety and Security