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Last Week's "Shelter in Place" Drill was a Success

College community,

I am pleased to report that last week’s “Shelter in Place” drill, held Thursday, Oct. 19 on both campuses, was a success. I’d like to thank those faculty, students and staff who were on either campus during the drill for complying with the shelter in place instructions. Your preparedness and actions allowed us to move through the drill quickly and efficiently, with minimal impact on classroom instruction and College operations.

The main purpose of the exercise was to test each of the College’s emergency notification tools, including NY Alert, interior and exterior speaker systems, computer desktop alert functions, social media outlets and other communications methods (email, MySUNYOrange, College web site). In addition, once the College community was notified to shelter in place, security personnel were instructed to observe people’s actions and direct or assist people to safe/secure locations.

All members of the College community are encouraged to occasionally re-acquaint themselves with the College’s emergency procedures, which can be found at the following locations:

Also, if you did not receive emergency communications from NY Alert (phone calls, texts, etc.), please add your emergency contact information into the system at the following link:

If you have any feedback from the drill, you may contact me via email at

Thank you once again.

Ed Kiely

Ed Kiely
Safety and Security