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College Receives Two More SUNY Performance Improvement Fund Awards

College community,

The good news keeps coming regarding our submissions for SUNY Performance Improvement Funding.

Last week we learned that two more proposals were approved. We will receive $100,000 to build program that expands “Ways to Improve Minority Male Enrollment, Retention, and Graduation Rates”, and $30,000 to establish a multi-institutional Collaborative Diversity and Inclusion Course.

The initiative to improve minority male enrollment and completion will include the development of a task force that will identify critical issues that contribute to and impact the number of minority male students enrolling and graduating from SUNY Orange. The College will seek to connect college-age and high school-age male minority students for group mentoring sessions and to discuss issues pertaining specifically to men in education. It is hoped we can create strategies that increase minority male retention and completion rates by 10 percent.

The Diversity and Inclusion Course, conceived and drafted by Global Studies Department Chair and Shared Governance President Paul Basinski, would be offered as a credit course by the institutions within the Hudson Valley Educational Consortium. It would also be offered on a non-credit basis at SUNY Orange, SUNY Sullivan and SUNY Ulster. The aim of the courses would be to establish a cross-disciplinary investigation of the political, historical, and theoretical foundations for diversity and inclusion; important literary and cultural trends; legal developments that have fostered and promoted diversity and inclusion; current issues in diversity and inclusion; and methods for promoting diversity and inclusion in the classroom, on campus, and in the community.

If you are keeping track at home, these two approvals bring our total SUNY PIF grant awards to $280,000. You’ll recall I updated you on two previous approvals in last Tuesday’s Grapevine (

These pending PIF initiatives, when rolled out, will blend with a long list of other projects and programs, both large and small, that the College has recently introduced. Thanks to your hard work, we are moving the needle when it comes to: breaking down barriers to access, improving retention and completion, expanding student support systems, preparing students for career and transfer options, and enhancing the vibrancy and inclusiveness of our College community.

Again, I commend the many of you who have introduced these innovative programs and who will be working to assure their effective implementation.



Dr. Kristine Young
Office of the President