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Last Reminder About Today's "Shelter in Place" Drill (March 13)

College community,

This is a last reminder about today’s “Shelter in Place” drill (Tuesday, March 13). I hope that you have been preparing for the event already. The drill will be held at approximately 1 p.m.

Hopefully you have become acquainted with the College’s emergency procedures. If you haven’t, you can access information from one of several sources:

  • Red flip cards located in most offices and classrooms across both campuses

  • College Emergency Procedures:

  • Safety and Security Resources:

Any students, staff or visitors who may find this emergency drill to be emotionally distressing are encouraged to avoid the campus or remain in their cars from 1 to approximately 1:30. The entire College community is welcome to access the support services of the Wellness Center if they need to for any reason.

Thank you in advance for your preparation and active participation in this drill.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 341-4934 or via email at

Ed Kiely

Ed Kiely
Safety and Security