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PBIE's Rankings of Vice Presidential Initiatives are now Available

The Planning and Budgeting for Institutional Effectiveness (PBIE) committee has completed its review of the Vice Presidential initiatives.  We developed our rankings based on the information provided in the PIP system, our criteria (available here), feedback we received at the open forums and discussion in committee. 

Our rankings are a recommendation to Cabinet about how to allocate resources in the 2018-2019 academic year.  We provided those recommendations as a report which is on the P drive.  You can see our rankings (Level 4), as well as those of the Vice Presidents (Level 3), Associate Vice Presidents (Level 2), and budget managers (Level 1), in the PIP system's "prioritization grid". If Cabinet chooses to rank initiatives, their rankings will be Level 5.

Budget managers can start now with planning the 2019-2020 academic year in PIP.  Agnes Wagner will be providing details on the timeline for next year, and IT is always available for help with PIP.  We are planning for next year, too, by looking at how we can improve our contribution to the planning and budgeting process. 

PBIE’s main roles in the process are to provide a voice for the college community in the allocation of resources at the College, and to work with the Administration to make the process comprehensive, transparent, effective and efficient.  We got good suggestions during the forums on how to improve PBIE’s work, and we welcome any additional suggestions you may have.  The PBIE comment form is here, or you can email Mercy Ebbert at

Mercedes Ebbert