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ITS Adding Office 365 to Single Sign-On Starting June 26

College community

In the coming weeks the ITS Dep’t will be working on adding Office 365 to our Single Sign on solution as part of our Identity Management overhaul. This will move us one step closer to completely retiring the Novell system. There will be some changes to the way that you will sign in to Office 365, while we are making the transformation. This change will streamline the login process and bring it up to date but more importantly, it will reduce the number of passwords for you to remember.

Starting next Tuesday (June 26), all usernames will be changed from the current user names e.g. ‘’ to ‘’.  Please note that your SUNYORANGE email address and password will not change, this is only the user name for Office 365.  

There is the possibility that during this process some user data may be lost when the accounts are migrated so please be sure that you have a backup copy of anything saved in OneDrive.  Please also note that this change will be temporary and usernames will be reverted to their original state after the project is completed.  Once the project is completed and Office 365 brought into single sign-on, passwords will change to the single sign-on password. 



Leland Hach, Jr.